Local Business Partners


gnarly knots Pretzels • Winfield

This  kick-ass Pretzel Company supplies the Western Illinois Suburbs with all their pretzel needs! Our pretzel buns, cheese pretzel appetizer and our dog bones all come from these fine folks! Starting as a cute little white house in Winfield and with their Pretzel Mobile that can be found at many of our favorite local breweries, they've now expanded into Barrington.


Gindo's the spice of life • geneva

Hot sauce doesn't have to be an afterthought or simply a condiment that you drip on your food to mask a mediocre dish or burn your senses useless. Gindo's sauces are designed to help inspire creativity in the kitchen and enhance food by adding flavor, aroma, color, texture and even nutrients. As a husband and wife team working side by side, they aspire for the spicy life: one that’s filled with laughter and passion, organically integrated with family, work, travel, and creative inspiration, and almost always centered around good food.


Windmill Ginger Beer • geneva

At its best, ginger beer can be complex and inviting. It can accentuate a liquor's flavor, helping craft it into the perfect mixed drink, or simply stand alone as a delicious soda. Each batch is hand-crafted using real fruit, offering a variety of flavors that will please any palate.


kindred coffee roasters • west chicago

Kindred Coffee Roasters began in February of 2013, in a relatively quiet western suburb of Chicago called, quite appropriately, West Chicago, as an idea in the mind of a dedicated dilettante named Ryan Hammer. With experiences he had while working in coffee in the Oakland, San Francisco, and Chicagoland areas, and with the radical collaborative partnership of his sister Sarah and brother-in-law Patrick, Kindred Coffee Roasters became something more than an idea, something more like an actual possibility, a way to bring excellent coffees to people in the hopes that folks might find their daily cups more delicious and interesting than ever before.



Discouraged by the flavorless and lackluster choices of barbecue sauce, Roy went deep into the forests of Climax Springs. He emerged years later with a sauce, that some say, was crafted with the help of powerful magic. This sauce has gone beyond just barbecue sauce; it has the power to be used for anything and everything. Truly it is one sauce to rule them all. Take this world famous sauce, and free yourself from sauce oppression. 



Opened in October of 2014, the distillery is headquartered in Geneva and produces premium handcrafted artisan spirits using traditional distilling methods. Local grains are used (when available) in the small batch production of Vodka, Gin, Bourbon and several seasonal spirits. Meet owners Mike and Amy Orlando at the distillery on the First Friday of each month.