Proudly Serving meats and cheese from locally sourced,

family-run farms within 300 miles of our door.

The care and effort these farmers put into their farming is truly a family value
that matches our commitment to ensure the healthiest ingredients at the best value for you and yours.


Meet your neighbors Bob and Marcia any week here on River Street at the Saturday Farmer's Market. Local, Wholesome, Healthy, Natural, Farm Fresh! We source beef for burgers and prime rib from these local farmers. Cattle are grass fed, given no antibiotics, humanely raised, in a sustainable environment.



Sakura Pork begins with the Duroc breed of hogs. Duroc hogs possess exceptional meat quality, which can clearly be seen in its rich, red color. The marbling results in a tender and juicy cut of pork that is superior to other pork in every way. Hogs are sourced from local family farms right here in the Midwest and are fed a specially formulated vegetarian blend of corn and soymeal, and our feed will never contain hormones, stimulants, or antibiotics. The Sakura Pork program ensures our hogs are treated humanely and raised in a climate controlled environment.


Andrew + Everett  Greenville, WI

Andrew & Everett support self-sustaining family farms with 300 head of cattle or less. On most commercial dairy farms all of the cows are given numbers, Andrew + Everett dairy farmers give their cows names! All of the milk used in making cheese comes from farms that produce milk solely for the production of cheese. Their milk is turned into cheese within hours of leaving the farm. Making cheese this way eliminates the need for fillers and binders. The care and effort these farmers put into there farming is truly a family value ensuring healthy farm to table ingredients for the consumer.


miller's poultry orland, in

Miller Poultry is a small, family-owned company located in Northern Indiana. Our chicks are hatched at our own hatchery and placed primarily on peaceful, loving Amish family farms in smaller flocks. The birds are raised in a stress-free, naturally lighted and ventilated, curtain sided houses and are free to roam on open floors. They are fed an all-vegetable, drug free diet and are hormone and antibiotic free.


maple leaf farms leesburg, in

Family owned and operated for four generations, Maple Leaf Farms oversee every aspect in the development of their birds from breeding to processing.  Because of their limited production, they have the ability to adapt to even the slightest change in the environment, yielding a consistent product day after day. Their ducks offer a tender, mild meat that adapts to a wide range of flavor profiles.